Are you fed up of the tasteless and costly food available everywhere in the city? Do you want some mouth watering, delicious food right next your door? Yes Noodlesbox is now available in your city and we are spreading across the country. Noodlesbox is the only place where you get wide range of variants in noodles. From Indian tastes to Thai varieties and Mexican flavors you can provide a wide range of noodle varieties on our menu and you will surely love it. We understand the tastes of food lovers and we deliver you before you ask for it.

Apart from our tastes our restaurants have the best ambience where you can enjoy quality time with friends, family and colleagues. We always try to provide our best and keep innovating. Customers find a new variety on our menu every week. One of the best foods on our menu is the Shirataki noodles, the latest trend which are good for health and contains 100% soluble fiber. All our noodles are served hot and with good aroma. We care about our customers’ health and so we use only nutritious food items.  We serve all vegetarian, non-vegetarian and sea food varieties all through the year.

We are also providing franchisee options and make sure that our franchisee would be successful. We provide all marketing advertising support apart from training and set up. We guarantee our franchise owners sure return on income within a minimum period. With strong presence through chain of restaurants across the country and with top quality services we assure you sure success. We also do door delivery. We serve noodles in a designer box which will surely attract you.

We are constantly doing innovative things to capture the heart of the customer. That is why we get so many repeat orders. We also make sure that we take the feedback and opinions of the customers seriously and implement the ideas that they have so that they are constantly impressed with the food we serve them.