Health benefits of rice noodles

Rice noodles have many health benefits attached to it. They are known to be a healthy alternative to the consumption of excessive rice or pasta. It is recommended that those who eat a lot of ramen noodles switch over to eating the rice variety. This is because ramen noodles are known to contain plenty of gluten, which the rice version does not. Rice noodles come in many different forms and buyers have the option of purchasing the variety that they think will suit them. They can get them in wide shapes or thin ones; they can buy them in brown varieties or in white varieties; they are either sold fresh in the market or they can be purchased in dried form. There are many people in the world who have a low tolerance to glutton. Those who have serious reactions to glutton are known to face problems as severe as weight loss, vitamin deficiencies and bloating. In some people the reactions prevent their body from absorbing all the nutrients that it needs. That is why the consumption of healthy food like rice noodles is so essential for them.

Another comparison that can be made between ramen noodles and rice noodles is the level of sodium prevalent in each variety. Ramen noodles have gained notoriety for the high levels of sodium that are present in them. It has been estimated that ramen noodles contains 790 milligram of sodium per serving as compared to the twenty milligram of sodium per serving that is prevalent in rice noodles. Those who use semolina pasta would have noticed that they need to use at least three ounces to make a good meal while the same result can be achieved with just two ounces of rice noodles owing to its better density levels. This means that rice noodles scores over semolina pasta when it comes to nutrition.

Those who are looking to cut down on their calories will be pleased to note that one cup serving of rice noodles has as little as 192 calories and less than a gram of fat. Rice noodles have a smooth silky texture and no flavour as such. This makes it easy to incorporate this item into any dish that the cook wishes to make. They can be blended with Italian sauces as easily as they can be blended with Asian spices. That is why many people are switching to rice noodles keeping these health benefits in mind.

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